BANNERS - Web25th



Banner ads have been an important part of the internet and its expansion, but nowadays people ignore and even wants to block them by using "ad blocking" programs.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the web, we wanted to give these poor things a chance to become a star, by transforming them into something fun & beautiful.

We use the database of "ad blockers" in a complete opposite way, and automatically collect these banners that are being blocked around the world. These real clickable banners become an interactive art. The banners may not look beautiful individually, but by combining and curating them, we give them a new life and meaning. On the web, any misfit can find its place. Happy 25th anniversary, web :)


The different scenes will change automatically, but you can also change them by clicking on the titles on the footer. The banners will change based on the domain, by choosing it in the menu list.


Creative Direction + Programming / Qanta Shimizu (PARTY)
Creative Direction / Masashi Kawamura (PARTY)

Tech Direction + Programming / Yuma Murakami (masumasu)
Art Direction / Kohei Negishi (masumasu)

Music / Kenta Watashima (PARTY)

Backend Support / Masayuki Itoh (NAGI)


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